• Quick and Easy card using new Spellbinders/Scrappy Cat Crafty Flower dies.

  • Floral Greeting Card Using New Crafty Flower sets #3 and 4

    Materials Needed:

    Spellbinders Crafty Flower #3 designed by Scrappy Cat SKU# S2-170

    Spellbinders Crafty Flower #4 designed by Scrappy Cat SKU# S2-171

    Spellbinders Nestabilities Standard circles small SKU# S4-116

    White, lavender dot and purple Cardstock

    Spellbinders Celebrations paper pack

    Scrappy Cat Stamp Effects Pigment ink pad in Lavender SKU#SCR952

    Scrappy Cat Stamp Effects Glitter glue in Lt. green SKU#SCR713


    1.  Cut white cardstock to make an A2 card -  4 1/4″x 5 1/2″.  Ink the edges            with Scrappy Cat ink.

    2.  Cut Spellbinders Celebrations cardstock to size to allow about 1/4″ border .      around the edges of the card.

    3.  Cut a thin lavender dot strip of cardstock and adhere between the patterned      paper.  

    4.  Using the circle die, cut one circle 

    5.  Using Spellbinders Crafty flower #4 by Scrappy Cat - cut qty. 2 base flowers       ink the edges.  Fold the petals of the top flower upward for dimension.   

    6.  Cut 5 large petals from Crafty Flower #4 and ink the edges.  Fold the edges         of the petal to form shape and adhere.  Place petals in the center of the             flower.      

    7.  Using Crafty Flower #3, cut 2 medium sized green leaves.  Add glitter glue.

    8.  Attach finished flower to the center of the purple circle and add leaves.



  • Springtime Floral Banner

    Scrappy Cat has put together an adorable floral springtime banner for you to create and use for your next upcoming party.  The colors are stunning with Scrappy Cat’s new die collection by Spellbinders.  It will impress your guests and it’s quite easy to make.  Let me show you how:

  • first flower and banner panel

  • Second flower and banner panel

  • 3rd flower and banner panel

  • Materials Needed:

    1.  Spellbinders Crafty Flower #1 designed by Scrappy Cat sku# S2-168

    2.  Spellbinders Crafty Flower #3 designed by Scrappy Cat sku# S2-170

    3.  Spellbinders enhanced banner sku# SCD-001

    4.  Spellbinders A2 scalloped borders one sku# S5-182

    5.  Spellbinders sprigs - sku#S2-048

    6.  Cardstock colors: light and dark green, orange, white

    7.  Green striped paper straws by Darice

    8.  mini floral bud vases by Darice

    9.  Adhesive

    10.  Scrappy Cat Stamp Effects glitter glue sku#SCR713 Lt. green with rainbow        glitter

    11.  Scrappy Cat Stamp Effects ink pads:

          Sku#SCR958 Ivy

         Sku# SCR703 - Acorn squash

    12.  Baker’s twine by Darice

  • Instructions:

    1.  Using Spellbinders banner die set cut and emboss: qty. 3 green and qty.3          orange banners.  Layer as shown

    2.  Using Spellbinders card borders, cut 3 circle lace designs and cut out the          centers of the borders to fit the banner size.  Add some ink and glitter glue          and attach to the top of the banner.

    3.  Using Spellbinders sprig die, cut 3 sprigs, add glitter glue and layer on top of      the borders.

    4.  To make the first flower for banner:

         A.  Use Spellbinders Crafty Flower #3 designed by Scrappy Cat cut and                   emboss the following pieces:

             qty. 5 large leaves, mix up the shades of green

             qty. 2 medium leaves with jagged edges

             qty. 2 medium leaves

             Apply ink along edges to add dimension and add Scrappy Cat glitter glue          along the veins and embossed areas of the leaves.  Fold at the bottom of            each leaf to create a cup shape. The large leaves are to be placed on the            outside, followed by medium and jagged edged leaves.

         B.  Using Spellbinders Crafty Flower #1 designed by ScrappyCat cut and                 emboss the following pieces:

              qty. 4 orange rounded petals

              qty. 1 white rounded petal

             Follow same ink, glitter and glue instructions as above.  Form petals with            your fingers.  Orange petals are around the outside and the white petal is           placed on the inside of the flower.

    5.  To make the second flower for banner: Use both Crafty flower #1 and #3

         A.  Cut qty. 4 medium sized leaves

         B.   Cut qty. 4 orange rounded petals

         C.    Cut qty. 1 white spike flower

         D.  Follow the same ink, glitter, glue and arranging instructions as flower                 # 1

    6.  To make the third flower for banner: Use both Crafty flower #1 and #3

         A.  Cut qty. 4 large dark green leaves

         B.  Cut qty. 3 light green jagged edged leaves

         C.  Cut 3 orange petals

         D.  Cut qty. 3 small white flowers

         E.  Follow the same ink, glitter, glue and arranging instructions as flower #1             and #2.

    I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  Please feel free to send comments. I would love to hear from you.

  • Jazz up a spool of thread

    Do you like to sew or know someone who does? Want to add some “life” to your sewing room? Or add a decorative touch to a sewing gift? Scrappy Cat has put together a beautifully decorated spool of thread and with just a few materials you can easily duplicate this project. 


  • Materials Needed:

    Spellbinders Crafty Flower #3 SKU# S2-170 /designed by Scrappy Cat

    Spellbinders Decorative Labels #1 SKU#S4-379

    Scrappy Cat Stamp Effects Glitter Glue Light Green with Rainbow glitter SKU# SCR713


    Spool of thread


    White, pink, light and dark green cardstock


    1.  Cut one decorative label using white cardstock and the smallest die

    2.  Using your Scrappy Cat glitter glue, add accents to the label

    3.  Using Crafty Flower #3, by Scrappy Cat - Cut out 2 large light green leaves.        Add glitter glue to the veins.  Fold base and glue under the label.  Shape            petals with your fingers.

    4.  Cut 4 small leaves with dark green cardstock.  Glue to the center of the label

    5.  Cut 2 small flowers with pink cardstock.  Bend, fold and shape , glue to the        center of the small leaves.  Add glitter glue on top of the petals. Scrappy Cat      glitter glue is very versatile.  By using just a small amount of the green on            pink petal tips, it takes on a clear iridescent color.

  • Decorative Glass Bottle using Spellbinders Die designed by Scrappy Cat Crafty Flower #2

    Decorative bottles are a very popular home decor item.  I would like to show you how to decorate a glass bottle using one of our New Dies, Crafty Flower #2


    1. Cut the following shapes to make the large flower

        Qty. 2 large orange flowers

       Qty. 2 large purple flowers

       Qty. 11 large purple petals

       Qty. 8 medium sized orange petals

       Qty. 4 orange small flowers

    2.  Using Scrappy Cat Stamp Effect pigment ink in orange and purple ink the edges of all flower petals to add dimension.

    3.  Layer flower and add petals as follows:

        A.  Begin by using glue and layer 2 large orange flowers as the base

        B.  Next add 2 purple large flowers .  Slightly fold the petals of the first flower           upward for added dimension

        C.  Fold the petals upward on purple flower #2 to form a cup like shape

        D.  Using the slit on the orange petals, fold and glue each petal.  Glue them             around the purple cup flower, qty. 8 medium sized orange petals

        E.  Fold qty. 4 small orange flowers 3 times so that the petals are clustered

        F.  Use glue to hold all 4 small clustered flowers in the center of the flower

    To make the small Flower that sits on top of the cork:   

    1.  Cut qty. 5 medium orange petals and ink as instructed above

    2.  Cut qty. 1 small orange flower (ink)

    3.  Cut qty. 2 small purple flowers (ink)

    4.  Using the slit on the bottom of each orange petal, apply glue and fold to        make the petal form a cup like base.  Glue the petals around the top of the cork

    5.  Add the small orange flower

    6.  Fold each purple small flower 3 times so that the petals stand upward and glue.        

    Materials Needed:

    1.  Spellbinders/Scrappy Cat Crafty Flower #2 Item # S2-169

    2.  Orange and purple cardstock

    3.  Scrappy Cat Stamp Effects pigment ink pads

         Everyday ink collection - Acorn Squash SCR703

         Vintage ink collection - Lavender SCR952

    4.  Purple decorative bottle - purchased at Pat Catan’s stores

    5.  Suggestion: Tombow Aqua Mono liquid glue 

        I found this glue to work very well 

  • Introducing Scrappy Cat® by Spellbinders

    Spellbinders teamed up with the creator of Scrappy Cat® products, Kim Roberto, for all new, beautiful flower designs. These flowers make a wonderful addition to cards, scrapbook pages and mixed media projects.

    Learn more at www.SpellbindersPaperArts.com

  • New Product Release!
  • scrappycat:

    Spellbinders and Scrappy Cat have partnered together to bring to you a beautiful line of floral dies.  These dies were designed to enable you to build dimensional flowers quick and easy.  They also give you many, many options to make several versions of each flower.  I would love to hear your comments and/or if you have a project using these dies that you would like to share please let me know.  

  • Spellbinders and Scrappy Cat have partnered to give you these adorable and versatile mini envelope dies.  They are super cute and quick to make.  Scrappy Cat has designed these dies to give you multiple decorative options.  I would love to see your projects using these dies.  Also, please send your comments.